How Can You Expect To Be Taken Seriously

by Prism - A Tribute To Pet Shop Boys by Electrozombies



Electrozombies announces release date for upcoming tribute

Prism‘ (A Tribute To Pet Shop Boys) will be available on all major online stores (iTunes, Amazon MP3, Google Music and Loudr) on December 12th, 2016. The official hashtag for this tribute is #PrismPSB. Please always use this hashtag if you share on any social media channel!

We’re the Pet Shop Boys
After the successful compilation ‘Apop We Love You’ (A Tribute To Apoptygma Berzerk) we began to think: “What’s next?“. As LOVE COMES QUICKLY it was crystal clear that the next tribute must be dedicated to the ‚Pet Shop Boys‘.

Would you have thought, that their debut album `PLEASE` has had its 30th anniversary early this year? And that´s one more good reason to honour this highly creative band which gave us awesome pop songs throughout their whole carreer.

An iconic tribute title
The RELEASE is called ‘Prism’ (A Tribute To Pet Shop Boys). ‘Prism’ is the perfect choice for a simple and strong buzz word as to be found on every PSB album.

We also wanted to honour Pet Shop Boys´ continuity of album naming and artwork. Further it gives a hint on the content as well. The listener may enjoy a full prism of new experience, while listening to unique new interpretations of classic PSB songs.

BTW: For the digital release we have created an animated cover artwork that displays well-known iconic objects and graphics that we associate with the boys.

A tribute full of passion
22 participants from all over the world made it to be a part of the compilation. They all share the passion to be a fan of the Pet Shop Boys. Each song really has a unique, new style. We’re thrilled by all submissions.

Parralox from Australia comes along with a super catchy version of ‘Flamboyant’, while Machinista from Sweden covers ‘West And Girls’ in a groovy way. The brasilian band Technique performing ‘So Hard’, and Lucifer’s Dream from the Netherlands covers ‘One More Chance’ in a Minimal Electro style. Furthermore the compilation contains an EBM version of ‘Surburbia’ by canadian artist ‘nTTx’.

The compilation is full of gorgeous cover versions from many internationally well known bands of the dark electronic music scene. We hope you will enjoy a whole new approach to all our beloved PSB-Songs and find a couple of new bands on this tribute which are surely worth a second glance.

The tracklist

Machinista – West End Girls
Parralox – Flamboyant
Love? – Rent
Twisted Destiny – Home And Dry
Nerd Revolt – Minimal
KNIGHT$ – Heart (Feat. Ys Atlov And Loic Rathscheck)
Junksista – It’s A Sin
La Femme Verte – Being Boring
Presence | of | Mind – I’m With Stupid
Retrogramme – Left To My Own Devices
Alphamay – Can You Forgive Her?
Lucifer’s Dream – One More Chance
Atomzero – Opportunities
Sad January – Love Comes Quickly
Space March – Two Divided By Zero
Technique – So Hard
Ferrochrome – Psychological
nTTx – Suburbia
Foretaste – Love Is A Catastrophe
Train To Spain – Domino Dancing
Canal Pop – How Can You Expect To Be Taken Seriously? (Feat. Arabescos)
TourdeForce – Integral

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Get Prism (A Tribute To Pet Shop Boys) soon
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released December 12, 2016



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